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Monday, August 29, 2011

No "God" Please

Michele Bachmann is proud of her beliefs in a Christian God, as opposed to a Muslim, a Buddhist, or a atheist. As an Evangelical Christian, she takes every opportunity to remind people that God exists and that God intervenes in our affairs on a frequent basis. Her recent comment, however, that God moved hurricane Irene to the East Coast to send us a message and rein in our spending was not well received by most Americans. She says it was a joke; but the underlying essence of that comment is frightening, as frightening as George Bush telling us that God had told him to invade Iraq. When politicians start implying that they have a direct link to the Almighty, I start having serious doubts about the future of this country.

It wasn't the first time Mrs. Bachmann mentioned God in a political context; she insisted that God had "told" her to run for the 6th Congressional district and even went fasting for 3 days to "confirm" it.
She won with 50% of the votes thanks to heavy financial support from an evangelical organization run by a Mr. Dobson. Talk about the separation of Church and State, a concept evolved from the
First Amendment of our constitution which prohibits laws that may favor a specific official religion.

Granted, most Americans are Christians who believe in Jesus Christ and the Holy Trinity. But as a country that respects the right not to believe at all in some supernatural being, and the right to follow any other sect or set of beliefs, no matter how outlandish they may be, we must observe with concern the emergence of politicians who act more as preachers than laymen or laywomen.

What makes America great is precisely its marvelous constitution written by learned and enlightened men (no women alas) who clearly wanted to avoid any of the religious and political pitfalls of European nations. Religions in general are the direct causal factor of millions of victims and hundreds of wars. One can argue that gods do not start conflicts, men do. Indeed, but tell that to Osama (his ghost anyway) or to the mullahs in Iran who ask their faithful brethren to kill the unbelievers.

We must be very careful not to elect candidates who wrap themselves in religious exhortations and who pretend to have a direct communication with the Creator. We lost thousands of soldiers in Iraq and billions of dollars which disappeared in the maws of corruption, thanks to Bush's secret ties with his maker.

We could have done so much if these huge sums of money had been invested in jobs, education, and infrastructure here, in the U.S.

How many teachers could we pay with one budget day spent on Iraq and Afghanistan?

No, Mrs. Bachmann, I doubt very much that you will succeed in your quest for the White House. American citizens tend the shy away from extremists, whether from the right or the left.

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