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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Heavyweight Fighters

The main bout seems to take shape; in the left corner, the current national champion, who has not convinced in his last fights against second-rated opponents that he is ready to keep his crown. In the right corner, two heavy weight contenders who will soon meet to determine who is more qualified to meet the champ. The current odds are almost even, with a slight advantage for either opponents of the title holder.

                                                                            Olympic Sports Boxing Pictogram Clip Art

The blue corner is trying desperately to convince their followers that they should bet in his favor; the red corner, though divided on who the better man might be, throws caution to the wind as they use unorthodox training strategies to rattle the champion. One thing is certain: There will be no knock-out! The promoters are expecting 40 million fans to place their bets next year during the first days of November, and maybe 200 million more spectators will watch the fight till the the wee hours of the morning.

In reality none of the three deserves the crown; Obama, Romney and Perry all have serious weaknesses that will certainly result in a poor showing of the electorate. None has that "leader" aura, that irresistible charisma shared by John Kennedy, FDR, Lincoln, Churchill, and more recently, the great charmer Ronald Reagan. They are all wafflers, following what they think is the current popular wind. Romney doesn't convince anybody when he tries to defend his "Obamacare" in Massachusetts; Rick Perry first approved of gay marriage but changed his mind when the religious right pressured him. President Obama showed uncertainty and lack of firmness when he agreed to extend the tax cuts for the rich even though he had the majority in both houses.

True, it is hard to imagine any politician resisting big lobbyists' pressure to push legislation that  favors their cause. Governor Perry was accused by his own colleagues in the Republican party to promote a certain vaccine and take campaign money from the pharmaceutical company making that product. Obama's campaign promise to get rid of powerful lobbies was just that, a populist commitment to get votes. Romney suffered in his first presidential campaign when he hired lobbyists who represented important industries asking for the demise of the EPA.  Under the present system, it is impossible for a candidate to obtain sizable contributions without making promises that favor the donors. Why else would they forgo so much money? Stupid they are not. They even hedge their bets by giving to both sides..just in case. It's called legalized corruption, and until we change the electoral system - getting rid for example of the now inane and obsolete electoral college, unsavory actions will remain the norm.

Barack Obama

Let's make it clear; all three men are good citizens and successful professionals, good fathers and husbands, with the qualities and weaknesses that compose a typical human being. They are all strong patriots, college graduates, intelligent, and the only one that has served his country in the military is Rick Perry; strangely enough, he, just like Bush, was a reserve pilot in the National Guard. Romney has an extensive experience in the private sector and represents the perfect candidate for Wall Street. Both he and Perry have been governors, a useful background for anybody wanting to be president. Perry is, right now, the candidate of choice for the religious right. Obama, of course, is supported by unions, and by centrist left voters.

This next presidential election could very well end up in court, just like the 2000 contest between Bush and Al Gore. That's why each candidate is touring the country 24/7 trying to convince independents like me to vote for them.

I don't know, lots of time left. What do you think?

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