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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Good Marriage, Good Family..Under Fire

''A successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same person.''  By Mignon McLaughlin

A good marriage usually ends up with a good family; barring mental illness o extreme circumstances, a happy, harmonious couple will produce happy, well-balanced, tolerant, sociable, and successful children. Judging by what happens nowadays in our society, people apparently get married to the wrong person. Actual weddings are less and less frequent and living together is more and more common. Divorces are up, and emotionally unstable children seem to grow in numbers, a fact that taxes our public and private schools. In short, marriage is no longer taken as seriously as it was 40 years ago. The reasons? There are many, but the key seems to be a generalized loss of social, ethical, and family values.

Our television fare is partly to blame as it offers us a steady diet of sexual deviations, broken families, gratuitous violence, greed, crime (the number one shows), perversions, and corruption. Last night, as I cruised the big screen, the first thing I saw was two men kissing each other on a commercial channel, ABC. They apparently live together as a couple and represent one of the "new" season's success. Some parents might argue that violence does more harm to kids than this type of scene, but I beg to differ. I agree that blood and gore do nothing to transmit solid values, except when it is justified. In the eyes of teens, violence is an every day experience through their video games and most of them do recognize the difference between fiction and reality.

Things change however when a family channel presents a pair of homosexuals living together as a "normal" family. I recognize that this preference is innate and not chosen, but why make it public, as if having two fathers is conducive to a good education. Keep your deviation to yourself; don't parade the abnormal behavior in front of my children. Yet more and more, what we used to consider shameful has become, alas, the norm in some quarters.

Parents have the urgent need to explain this to their children as soon as these are old enough to understand, usually around 6 (depending on their level of maturity, of course). Sexual scenes, explicit or implied, can be very harmful to a young kid, since they imagine that personal violence is involved. A movie on AMC recently showed a gang boss in a very clear sodomy attempt on his mistress (in the movie). I am no prude, but this is a channel available in most homes and I certainly would not want my children to watch this disgusting sexual behavior, real or pretended.

Parents are under fire; it has become more and more difficult to raise children. Both the father and the mother usually have to work, which means leaving the kids alone most of the day in places where the priority is to make money, not instilling values. The famous (or infamous) expression "Quality is more important than quantity" is just a rationale to explain that we, the parents, can compensate our absences by giving children intense love for the short time we have them. It does not work that way, especially in the early years. The first 2 years are absolutely crucial; the mother should be there 90% of the time to insure bonding and, most important, to create the feeling of security on the part of the baby.

I recently witnessed an awful event starring very young girls ranging from 2 to 5; they were dressed as little Miss Universe contestants with gaudy make-up. It sickened me to think that some mothers would "prostitute"  their children in that manner with the only goal to make a lot of money. I almost added that the government should do something about it but reflected that we can't have the politicians tell us what to do with our children. Instead I would initiate a assiduous campaign against the organizers by marshalling as many parents as possible to denounce such practices. Public outcry can be a powerful weapon and we should use it more often; just look at the Occupy Wall Street Movement.

Let's try and help those families who struggle with educating their children; let's find volunteers, well-prepared volunteers in each community, who can advise these parents on how to best teach values to their kids. And let's publicly exhibit those fathers and/or mothers who neglect their sacred duty. They wanted children and now they have to focus on converting them into model human beings. Nothing is more IMPORTANT!


Anonymous said...

I agree with you one 100% that the "sexual deviation" and "sexual preferences" are shoved in our faces everyday on prime time and this should not be happening. I personally no longer own a television. I do watch some movies and I will watch some shows over at my sister's or parent's house such as the Cooking Channel or I watch news from our local stations and the commercial channel. But this goes beyond the public couriousity our people in high positions that have their hidden "sexual deviations and preferences" in the closet are the ones in the FCC that make the rules and regulations as to the programming allowed in our commerical channels. They are the ones that think that everyone should be accepting of this behavior and self-gratification.
More high profile politicians, movie stars, musicians, comedians, entertainers, priests, coaches, atletics, teachers, policemen, social workers, foster parents, boyscout leaders, youth group leaders and children's group leaders are coming out of the closet. These people have been given the freedom of displaying their new lifestyles in the public because they are "courages" in telling the public that they are different. This is what is "corrupting" the minds of our young childern and our teens.
These differences are what is causing the familiy to be broken and lose the morals and values of the real and only familly through marriage-man, woman and children.
The government should at this point pass a law that specifies that the "Good Marriage, Good Family" is "indanger" of "extinction".
Already our morals and values as a society which are supposed be civilized are becoming "extinct". We our not taking care of our future marriages and families. We are destroying these covenants. We seem to be more concern about animal cruelty, safing the ozone layer, feeding the starving and the poor, civilizing the countries that have no civil rights and that is fine. But what have we created a cruel, unsafe, poor and starving, confused and contorted world for our future families and children. Parents need to become more aware of what our children are watching, listening and where they are going to hang out because whatever they are doing is teaching them lies about what is true and lasting.

Jacques said...

You can't moralize by passing laws; the government should not tell me what I can do in my bedroom. But at least, if you have abnormal tendencies, keep them private. Don't flaunt them

Anonymous said...
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Elena said...

Once again, kudos to the author! This subject is like a thorn in my side as the enjoyment that healthy, family oriented programing used to produce has been totally annihilated, replaced by garbage. It's focus solely to destroy and distort the tender minds of our children. Nowadays, if our children search for a "hero" they are out of luck as those we were once so proud to rever, have now been replaced by greedy, corrupt, dishonest, unethical predators on the prowl to reek havoc on the innocence of our children. Where once there existed pride, honor, faith, respect and socially accepted human beings, there now exists Satan's spawn. As parents we are held responsible for the wellbeing of each and every child we produce(without exeption). We have an obligation to instill respect, honesty, morals, faith, confidence, trust and ethics. If because of extenuating circumstances, parents spend time away from our children then we are morally obliged to leave these children under the care of those accepting of our principles and enforce them with conviction. NO the government is NOT the solution as presently, our government is particularily corrupt and full of devious predators whom they themselves promote unnormal behaviors to reach out to certain groups to amass votes. Is this acceptable behavior, absolutely not. Before you start pointing fingers remember, we are all responsible for the extent of this insanity as we have all chosen to look the other way at times and educate our children by setting them in front of a tv. What solution could possiblely be an adecuate one? First, if the tv programing is disgusting, the radio annoying, the music filthy, books obscene.... be more selective, denounce the corruption, turn things off and refuse to purchase something that defiles all sence of decency. "WE THE PEOPLE"(the 99%ers) have had our fill and are proactively searching to change and save what is left of our society. This change begins at home when a marriage celebrates the birth of a child, a child between a man and a woman. As parents, our responsibility for their education is longterm and consists of teaching them about truth, decency, faith, respect, honor, leading through example and holding our own selves to a higher standard. The government as corrupt and devious as it is.......has NO business in our homes and no right to dictate how we look at life. Remember to exercise your right by voting for the best person fit to fill which ever position that is open and DO NOT be held hostage because of a certain party, be openminded, proactive and true to yourself as....the children are watching and learning and deserve to be treated always with dignity and respect. We need to change for change to emerge and recovery to this broken society. All of us are resposible for our own behaviors and all bad behavior has its consequences and reflects on our children.