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Monday, November 21, 2011


If you think things can’t get worse it’s probably only because you lack sufficient imagination.

The super-committee, as predicted, reached NO agreement that would have benefited American citizens by finding a way to cut spending. As usual, the 12-member group was evenly divided between the two major parties: the Democrats refusing to cut without raising taxes and the Republicans refusing to raise taxes, even on the super-rich. All of them were thinking about getting reelected and not hurting the cause of their main contributors, i.e. lobbies. Not one even suggested the possibility of listening to the people; now that would have been a change and it means that we absolutely need to use referendums when politicians reach an impasse. Very Frustrating!

}} Politicians should look at this flag, really look!

Speaking of listening to protesting masses, Mr. Newton Gingrich once again played the decisive card when analyzing the Occupy Wall Street movement; without any hesitation whatsoever, he put his foot in his mouth once again. He showed his true colors, which means pandering to the Tea party followers. He said that the OWS people were no better than a bunch of dirty hippies who should look for a decent job after taking a shower. He repeatedly emphasized the fact that they didn't pay for the park they occupied and the toilets they used, even though these are public property. He characterized the movement as extreme left gone amok. Very Frustrating!

Republicans, led by their fearless and occasionally emotional leader Speaker Boehner, have declared war on anything that President Obama has proposed, including his much needed job bill. They don't even bother to offer a compromise or an alternative; granted, Mr. Obama is a Democrat (gasp), so whatever he says is automatically suspect (I wonder if race is a factor in this dislike). So we can be sure that nothing of importance will be done during the last presidential year and the President is quite aware of that. He has taken the only avenue left to him:  presidential decrees that do not require Congress' approval. How Frustrating!

Are we supervising big banks to make sure they don't lead us to the brink of economic and financial hell as they did in 2008-09? Are we keeping an eye on large financial institutions that sold us toxic instruments 3 years ago? The answer is depressing; they have hundreds of well-paid lobbyists in Washington who make sure no such bill reaches the floor. The only way for us, ordinary citizens, to fight back would be to have our own lobby to defend our interests, just as AARP defends senior citizens with success. Why not? All we need is an incorruptible leader to start a new association called "Citizens for Change". But who would be selfless enough to grab the standard and fight for us? It's an idea that deserves more attention; however, the silent majority, the ones who refuse to vote, will remain passive and let "others" do the work. How Frustrating!

The growing Occupy Wall Street movement has lacked a unifying voice that can offer concrete ideas of change; maybe, just maybe, they could be the core of the new NGO "Citizens for Change", a powerful NON-partisan lobby whose exclusive task would be to fund campaigns for those politicians willing to listen to reason and to the People. But, would its leaders be sucked by the Washington insiders and by the existing corruption? Where are these saviors? Do they even exist? How Frustrating!

Ladies and Gentlemen: I declare this blog to be the leader in the fight against political passivity. If we want a good government and a functioning democracy, we must unite and demand action. Are you willing and ready?


Anonymous said...
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Elena said...

Thanks Jacques for another eloquent article regarding our future in this great nation! You ask if I am ready and my answer is - READY and WILLING to do whatever is necessary to secure a better ending to all the corruption that permeats throughout our government and all its entities. My voice is loud and concise, love the idea of creating our own lobbyist "for the people and their necessities". 2012 is right around the corner and we WILL make a differance, those who have chosen to NOT vote can be once again influenced by the humongous need for change and the erradication of all existing pond scum(Congress, lobbyists). Our votes will be our voice.......tick tock, tick tock..................