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Thursday, November 17, 2011

So Much To So Few

It's insane! It's crazy and cruel! Where is the sharing, the moral conscience, the gratefulness, the Christian ideal, the compassion, and the generosity that must accompany wealth in all Americans? I am not pointing the finger at Warren Buffett, or Bill Gates, or at any of the giving and considerate wealthy members of our society. Rather my indignation signals to the incredible waste of resources by those super rich athletes, singers, actors, politicians and scions of great fortunes who carelessly throw money at extremely expensive baubles while millions of Americans are suffering the shame and humiliation of foreclosures, loss of jobs, loss of pensions, loss of 401K's, loss of savings, and loss of dignity.

Panther Brooch (House of Cartier): 1.1 Million
Diamond Watch (Chanel): 1.9 Million
Audemars Piguet Jules Audemars Watch: $113,000 
2005 Ferrari 430 Coupe: $130,000

These are but a just a few of the outrageous gifts bought by celebrities who apparently are oblivious to the urgent need to help American families who have no home, no job and nowhere to go. What kind of economic system gives so much to so few?

Communism was a wonderful concept but the selfish nature of man rendered the idea unusable. People want to OWN something, a piece of land, a house, or even a pet, without government intervention. Nevertheless, the idea of a just society implies that citizens who, through no fault of their own, fall into desperate financial straits, should be helped by an official agency. After all, private charities cannot handle so many hardship cases; church groups and social clubs do help as much as they can, as do charitable volunteers. But when the scope of the problem is so great, when the evident cause of such catastrophe can be placed squarely on rapacious Wall Street vultures, only the government has the means and the resources to save these citizens in distress.

After all, don't we help the victims of hurricanes, tornadoes, tsunamis, wild fires, contagious diseases, epidemics, wars, famine, drought, earthquakes and any of the global disasters that every year affect millions of human beings on this planet? Why in the world can't official agencies help the innocent victims of barefaced manipulation of toxic financial instruments and political corruption (those politicians who passed laws to favor big financial institutions in exchange for campaign contributions)?

Why do you think the "Occupy Wall Street" movement has lasted so long and has spread so far and wide to so many cities and countries? It has surged from a profound dissatisfaction and outrage at the capitalistic system that robbed the poor to give it to the rich. Agreed, there is no sin in becoming rich; it is accepted and admired in those who legitimately earned that right. Most create jobs and opportunities for their communities. The problem surges when that fortune has been acquired through dubious means, whether unconscionable bonuses to failed CEO's, bribes to politicians disguised as campaign contributions, finance conglomerates that invent so-called derivatives that include the mortgages of millions.

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The numerous financial ties between Congress members and lobbyists are creating laws that favor the already rich at the expense of the middle class; a review of pension laws shows clearly that thousands of retirees have been cheated of their earned income through legal shenanigans in which both corporations and political leaders worked together to cut pension benefits, never with the consent or knowledge of the employees.

Our most important citizens, the ones that prepare the next generation, have salaries that would make a Wall Street broker cringe in financial pain. Yet we throw millions at athletes, most of whom have no idea what to do with it, example Mike Tyson. They buy lavish gifts and sumptuous mansions until the IRS comes knocking on their tax doors. Meanwhile, another 100 families have been thrown into the streets.

Unjust financial and economic system? Of course, that is why the government is the only recourse most people have; witness the enormous importance of Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid. Washington says that these social programs are running out of money when billions are squandered on stupid wars, generous tax breaks for the rich, enormous subsidies to wealthy farmers and unneeded foreign aid.

Something must be done and something will be done, next year.


Elena said...

GREED that, is the name of the game! Our great nation has become selfish, selfish, selfish. It began at the top and has trickled down so that even our children(without direction) have adopted the me first and then me, me, me. To all those self-centered, self-indulging pariah infecting every corner of every way of life turning a blind eye to reality, may you burn in hell, you have destroyed too many lives to date - you are below pond scum SHAME, SHAME, SHAME. All will be held accountable sooner than later, "We the people" are gaining stength and momentum and refuse to desist until justice prevails. Tick Tock...........

Jacques said...

OK, I don't share the extreme views of Elena's, even though I wrote that Greed has permeated our society. There are many examples of sharing and helping amongst us. All is not lost!

Elena said...

Sooo true, there are many of us willing to go the extra mile for the betterment of our communities and trying our best to make a dent in nationwide poverty and illiteracy. Kudos to the wealthiest of our nation who have and continue to give back and participate in a worldwide mission to erradicate hunger, thirst and lack of education. As long as hope remains a part of our makeup we will succeed in creating the change we all seach for. Thank you again for your eloquence and passion!