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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Not So Bad

Yes, we all know that the country is not in the best of shape: 14 million Americans without a job; close to 4 million foreclosures this year alone; more than 100 failed banks so far this year; countless small businesses have closed due to lack of customers who can't afford to buy their products; and politicians spend their "valuable" time bickering like turkeys before Thanksgiving. We lack leadership in the White House, in Congress, and in many bankrupt states. The most important news is the latest divorce of Hollywood flesh or the family jewels of some over-the-hill rock star. Did I mention the "reality" show, read comical confrontations, offered every two weeks by would-be Republican contenders who act more like school children than responsible and mature adults?

And yet, when you look at the big picture, this mighty country has retained its appeal for millions of potential immigrants. Why? Because of freedom, the real kind, not just paper-like freedom. Because the American Dream, a little red house with a white picket fence, is still accessible and affordable for newcomers willing to work hard. What about the millions unemployed you will ask? I recently read an article about Alabama where thousands of jobs are suddenly open ever since the new immigration law was passed. The sad part is that farmers could not find enough people to do the work. Many jobless Americans are unwilling to relocate and unwilling to catch any job related to agriculture. That's the reason why so many farmers swear that illegal immigrants are absolutely needed to pick up lettuces and potatoes. Did I mention that the price of produce has gone up due to the scarcity of laborers... from Central America?

In spite of all these negative factors, America is still the Land of the Free, the Land of Opportunities, although perhaps not as attractive as it was 50 years ago. Consider the alternatives: Are any of you willing to move to Russia, where "Ras"Putin holds all the cards, where you may be thrown in jail without bail and without valid reasons? Do any of the South American countries attract you? They don't like Americans and they let you know about it, unless you go there as a rich tourist! Canada is another possibility with its vast, enormous territory and free health care; they take in immigrants every month, but there is a little problem: the bitter cold during 6 months. If you like it, go ahead, move there. Think of ice road truckers and the risks they take.  How about Alaska? Palin can see Russia from her window, together with polar bears and snow bunnies!

Africa has enormous empty spaces, but, again, they don't like us too much. Actually, there are very few countries who really like Americans, and that's because they envy us, they envy our wealth, our low taxes, our way of life, our energy, inventiveness, and unequaled military power. Since 2001, nobody has dared mount another attack on us; they know the response would be pitiless and devastating.

Consider this: There are many jobs available in these United States. Maybe not what you consider ideal jobs, but they'll give you enough to make a decent living. How many unemployed people prefer to continue drawing their monthly check from Uncle Sam instead of taking a job they consider beneath their dignity? Hey, I would sell corn on the cob (roasted) in the local flea market if I had to; or sell insurance door to door or anything that would allow me to survive. Opportunities are there, all you have to do is open your eyes and muster the needed energy.

This country is still the best in the world and if you don't believe that, move to another place.

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Elena said...

Waa, waa, waa! Yes I agree that we live in a great nation however, it is a great nation of whiners and complainers and underachievers. We watch quietly while our politicians reap the wealth as they believe they are entitled to making themselves wealthier through insider info and opening their pockets to every lobbyist available. What happened to accountability and confronting problems with valid solutions? Every Tom, Dick & Harry are scrambling to the nations capital to reach out and be included in the pillaging of our great nation. We need to use our voices and recover from the conmen, our country, we can do it! Stand up and fight(with words)demand of these clowns regulation of themselves and the amount they can plunder. "We the people" voted these sons of satan into office, "we" can vote them out and turn this around. People need to take position and accept the jobs available and recreate what the workforce should be, stop the whining and start winning, none of us are brainless, we're lazy, deaf, blind and dumb. Stop misusing your energy in complaining and be proactive or, are we a bunch of spineless robots, a nation of followers? There exists a leader in each and every one of us, all it takes is backbone. Tick tock..........